Indian Wedding Dubai | Destination Wedding Dubai l Wedding Planner Dubai l Shradha & Kunal

Indian Wedding Dubai| Destination Wedding Dubai | Wedding Planner Dubai | Shradha & Kunal

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I have been waiting anxiously for the end of summer for a few things…pumpkin spice lattes, knee high boots, and Kunal & Shradha’s wedding pictures.  When I first talked to Mili Gosh, photographer at Memories in Motion, about this destination Indian wedding, I was immediately captivated.  I knew that the images, in true Mili style, would be ridiculously glamorous, and the Thai/Indian fusion wedding would be intoxicatingly gorgeous and extremely sentimental.  But, what I did not know, is how adorably in love these two love birds really are.



Indian wedding 1 copy





 This love story is too cute…and, this is the abridged version!

From the bride :

To tell you our story, I have to take you way back …. no actually way waaaaaay back to 1992!!  Kunal and I met in elementary school. He was new to the school, and I was requested by the teacher to introduce him to everyone and sit with him in all classes. I remember being quite disappointed with this responsibility as I would have to leave my current friends and give Kunal some attention. Anyways I obliged the teacher and decided to hangout with Kunal (who would have thought that the one request made by a teacher would change my life in such a wonderful way).  Now the truth is that Kunal has not changed much in the last 18 years. We all know that he is extremely charming now…well, he was charming then too. He definitely charmed his way into my young heart, and we became best friends. Everything was going well with my best friend, until he decided to change schools and not inform me (sniff sniff). Also, he does not admit this – but he changed schools because the cafeteria in the other school was superior. Today too, I think a good meal would win hands down over me. I remember being very upset when I started school the next year and Kunal was not around.

We lost touch over time, and only got back in contact when Kunal found me on ICQ (remember ICQ!!). We chatted on and off, and eventually migrated to MSN Messenger. Fast forward to 2001, I was in University of Virginia and I was looking to transfer. Kunal’s love for Indiana University was apparent in the chats and conversations we had and he convinced me to move there. I did .. and he made sure the transition was very smooth. He introduced me to all his friends (some of whom are my best friends now), and he even attended my first 8am class with me (this is a very big deal because he never attended his own 8am classes!!) For me there was a particular defining moment when I knew Kunal was extremely special. All my possessions had not yet arrived from Virginia., so I did not have a proper quilt/comforter to use at night – I only had a very thin fleece blanket. My apartment used to be very cold, and because I was not warm enough, I was unable to sleep and caught a cold. Kunal was concerned about how I was getting ill and I explained my predicament. That night when I went to sleep I was again dreading the cold and fearing that I was going to get more ill, but when I awoke in the morning, I was very cozy and comfortable. There was a soft, warm, huge comforter on me. Kunal having heard my story went to his own apartment, got his only comforter and gave it to my roommate to put on me.  At that point, I recognized one of Kunal’s amazing qualities – he is the nicest, most selfless person I know. He always puts his loved ones before himself, and I don’t know how I got so lucky to have him in my life. ? Well after what we famously call ‘the blanket incident’ we started dating, and it has been the most amazing journey ever since. 

Loads of glitz and glam today…stay put!

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Article Courtesy : Maharani Weddings

Photography Courtesy : Memories in Motion

Wedding Planner : Rimjhim Events



Raj & Roshini’s Wedding in Abu Dhabi, UAE

What started as a hysterical encounter for Raj and Roshini, blossomed into love during university days. Roshini reveals details of a glitzy wedding in UAE.

How we met:

Raj and I met at his house party in December 2009 during our second year in university. He was very curious to learn about Sindhis based in Hong Kong and was even more amused with my relatively drunk cousin, with whom he ended up chanting songs in Sindhi with. The night ended hysterically with my cousin and him breaking his bathroom door! I somehow knew that I had left an impression on him and this definitely, wasn’t going to be our last meeting.

Picture (4)(1)

The following months saw us bumping into each other a couple of times at different occasions – we always seemed to have some chemistry and loved a little banter with good chat, but nothing really happened till he moved into the same halls of residence as me in September 2010. To this date Raj would deny it but he was texting me a lot right before moving in to halls, I could sense he was interested….and trying to charm his way into my life.

Wedding Planning:

As magical as the wedding was, the whole planning process leading up to the events was very tough. As a person, I am quite particular about the minutest of things, detail-oriented and an all-round perfectionist – this made the wedding planning process quite straightforward at times, but it was equally difficult to meet my requirements most of the time.

I spent a lot of time and energy in deep contemplation, envisioning our events to be a depiction of Raj and myself during our courtship years. Our goal was simple: we wanted to create a magical and memorable experience for both our family and friends, by blending the best of our backgrounds and taking our guests through a journey of our love and what we love the most. We wanted a wedding that struck the perfect balance between fun, class and an intimate experience with our loved ones.

In total, we had approximately 450 guests staying in-house, with most of the guests from my side and some mutual friends visiting the Middle-East for the first time. Hence, we wanted to ensure that our wedding reflected and delivered as much of the local cultural experience as possible.

Wedding Mehendi

Mehendi 3A copy

Mehendi 4

more mehendi

Wedding Welcome Dinner

Arab Dinner 1

Arab dinner 3 (1)

Wedding Rave Afterparty

Roshini and Raj Rave 1

Wedding Sangeet

Ishq-e-Sufiyana - Sangeet 002

Picture (27)

Wedding Pheras


Wedding Reception

Reception 2

Reception 3

Reception 4

Picture (40)

Picture (41)

Wedding Shopping:

Bhajans – Bridal outfit: Elan


Mehendi – Bridal outfit: Falguni & Shane Peacock

Picture (12)

Picture (11)(1)


Welcome Dinner – Bridal outfit: Shivani Awasty | Grooms Outfit: Anup Bhargava

Night in the Oasis - Welcome Dinner 109

Rave Afterparty – Bridal outfit: Koesch & Topshop (shorts)


Ghari Pooja – Bridal outfit: Meeta Mulchandani


Sangeet – Bridal outfit: Sonia Sawney | Grooms Outfit: Shringaar (Shakeel)

Sangeet (2)

Wedding – Bridal outfit: Sonia Sawney | Grooms Outfit: Shringaar (Shakeel)

Rosh Wedding

The Eternal Promise - Wedding 214

Picture (37)

Reception – Bridal outfit: Shivani Awasty | Grooms Tux: Bobbys Fashions

Reception (5)

Wedding Venues:

Since we had our engagement ceremony in Hong Kong, we had decided very early on we wanted to host the wedding somewhere close to Raj’s home country, Bahrain. I had my eyes on the Ritz Carlton Grand Canal, Abu Dhabi property, before we even got engaged. Luckily, the property was perfect as it met most, if not all, of our requirements. Note that this was after 16 hotel property viewings across both Dubai and Abu Dhabi that we concluded in opening conversations with the Ritz Carlton – for me, it was like a dream come true!

Based on our required order of functions of 10 different events across a 4 day period, we thought it would be easier for our guests (and us!)  to host all the events at a single venue and hence, create a consistent and unified experience.


Tips for Bridal Looks

– Don’t wear your whole bank account, nobody cares how big your jewelry is or how heavy or how much work your outfit has, wear something that accentuates YOU and YOUR beauty.
– When choosing your bridal outfits, decide on colours and silhouettes that suit you. This is not a time to experiment, stick to what you know looks good on you and build your looks around that.
– Decide on your jewelry before your outfits, jewellery is a lifetime investment. Pick something that is ever-green, especially with fashion changing constantly.

- For any bride-to-be, I suggest if you are going to India to get your outfits done, go 4 months before your wedding dates as designers require that much time to design and deliver the final piece.
-During the wedding occasions, remember to drink lots of water. Its important to stay hydrated for glowing skin throughout the wedding.





Welcome Dinner

Rave Afterparty


Ghari Pooja










Performers and Performances:

Ishq-e-Sufiyana - Sangeet 088

Sangeet 1A copy

Winter's Tale - Reception 224

We had flown down a saxophone player, Pavan Verma from London to play for our wedding. I absolutely love the saxophone and my husband loves watching live music. So after spending some time in searching for a decent Saxophone player that could play both English and Hindi songs, I finally found this gem in none other than my favourite city in the world, London. I had never heard him play live till my wedding, but after watching a couple of promo videos on YouTube and a meeting at Costa Coffee, we were sold. He was a true gentleman to work with, but moreover was an incredible artist. To hear a saxophone rendition of “Lean On” completely blew my mind at our Mehendi event.

No indian wedding can be complete without Dhol players, and we flew Dholtronics down from Singapore to jam at our wedding. They were nothing short of amazing, and they even have LED lights for the Dhol!!

RR entertainment

Additionally we brought on board Flaming Trio, a special squad that was dedicated to the beverage service, entertaining and attracting the crowd to the bar by fire flair. Giving our guests an entertaining way of boozing.


Reception 2a

Advice for to-be-weds on Wedding Planning:

Wedding planning is a once in a lifetime experience – it gives the engagement period some of its best moments as well as some of its toughest. It truly does test your relationship but once you get past it, there is much more to gain from the rewards as a married couple. There is never an end-point to “wedding planning” till the wedding itself is over – you can find yourself fine tuning down to the nth hour which is what makes it so nerve-racking. Therefore, it’s very important that you delegate the responsibilities atleast a good 2 weeks prior to the start of the functions, because time just flies past during the course of the events, and you need to be focusing on yourselves. After a certain point, there is not much you can do about what is going around, and you will never get these moments back, where you have BOTH your worlds under the same roof celebrating your love.

Rimjhim Events does wow weddings across the globe.

Photography/Videography: Picture Perfect India
Wedding Planner: Rimjhim Bhagchandani from Rimjhim Events, Dubai
Decorators: Flower Boutique UAE
Make-up Artist/Hair Stylist: Tamanna Roashan from Dress Your Face
Bartenders: Flaming Trios
DJ’s: DJ Tushar (Dubai) and DJ Boss (Singapore)

Photo Courtesy: Picture Perfect India



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