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Many go for it but many in Dubai say the Feng Shui just isn’t right for a 12/12/12 marital bliss

By Bindu Suresh Rai and Majorie Van Leijen

The Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi Beach Resort and Marina

A memorable day at the Dolphin Bay, followed by a candlelit dinner at Nobu and a walk under the stars for a romantic, once in a lifetime wedding proposal is all that’s on the cards for Karan, who’s planning to pop the question to his long-time girlfriend on 12/12/12. Calling it a “magical” day, he says: “I chose the date specifically as a memorable one that we can claim as our own some day down the road. It is the last day of the century that such a combination of date, month and year will unite. “Why not turn it into a day for our unity?” World over, many are looking upon 12/12/12 as a day of special meaning, calling it ‘auspicious’ or ‘unique’ for marriage or to give birth, while others are looking upon it as the start of a doomsday scenario as per the ancient Mayan calendar prediction that the world will end by December 21, 2012. “If the world is to end in a few weeks, then I would much rather face it standing by the woman I love,” quips Karan. Dubai hotels such as The Address Marina and The Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi Beach Resort and Marina claim to have been booked out months in advance. Said Mona Asprah from The Westin events department: “We are hosting an approximate 300-people wedding on 12/12/12 at our outdoors amphitheater. “In fact, enquiries and bookings for the date came a year in advance; however, it had to be book three times over because for some reason it didn’t work out for the first few couples.” The superstitious may call it the curse of the date, however Asprah said that there are always people ready to book such dates, despite Feng Shui stating otherwise. “But in my experience, 11/11/11 was a far better date in terms of inquiries and considered more auspicious,” she said. Other popular Dubai wedding venues such as the Jumeirah properties, which include Madinat Jumeirah, are also not available, having being booked out for the ongoing Dubai International Film Festival. Meanwhile, Dubai-based wedding planner Rimjhim Bhagchandani couldn’t hide her surprise that the date is demanding a premium from some properties in the emirate. “I am quite surprised that several Indian, Hindu, families have approached me to plan a wedding for them on 12/12/12,” she says. “However, I was forced to decline because I have a big one on the cards for later in December and couldn’t take on two weddings so close to one another.” Bhagchandani, however, adds that weddings on such ‘unique’ dates are a fad that won’t die down in a hurry. “I think it’s more of a fashion statement than anything else, to block such a premium date when astrologically the stars are not even aligned,” she says. “Most of the traditional Indians don’t want to take on such a date, which is immediately followed by a no-moon day. However, other religions are no bound by such restrictions.” According to media reports, even places such as Hong Kong and Singapore that are always in on the numbers game for mass weddings have shied away from this particular date, with many stating the Feng Shui is not right for marital bliss. On the other hand, engaged couple, Kavita and Pradeep Nair, said they did not even consider the date because some properties were charging a premium to block the wedding venue on the day. “I was told by one of the hotels that I may have to pay Dh70,000 to block the place itself,” said Kavita. “That is silly to begin with, especially since I am not date conscious.” Dubai-based brand manager Kanwalpreet Kaur also does not understand what the fuss is all about. “Why are such dates important? Frankly, the appeal of 10/10/10, 11/11/11 or now 12/12/12 have never been understood by me,” she said. “Love has no date and shouldn’t be defined by it. “So if you are planning to get married, why not do so when your heart says it’s right?”

Meanwhile, opinion is still divided on the medical front, whether 12/12/12 should be looked upon as a premium date to schedule a baby’s birth, as has been the case this year in some hospitals.

“We have an increased number of appointments for a C-section procedure tomorrow,” confirmed Leon Du Preez, Medical Director of Medi Clinic, The City Hospital, Dubai.

“We accept as many requests as we can cope with. But we would not hire extra staff. We do what we can deal with.”

At the moment of writing this story, it was still possible to make an appointment for 12/12/12.

“As long as the mother is close enough to term, which would mean she is pregnant 38 weeks or more, she can make an appointment for a C-section at our hospital.”

However, there were also hospitals clearly refusing the requests.

“We have heard that such practice is going on but we do not accept any such requests,” said Suresh Kumar Menon, Medical Director at International Modern Hospital, Dubai. “Unless there is a case of emergency and the foetus needs to be removed, we do not schedule a C-section procedure.”

Meanwhile, Qassimi Hospital, Sharjah also did not report any unusual number of appointments for a C-section scheduled for 12/12/12.

“We have not received any such requests and as a government hospital we would not accept them. We could not deal with an overload of on one day. Our capacity is to deal with four to eight procedures per day,” said Khalid Khalfan, Medical Director of the hospital.

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Article Courtesy : Emirates News 



Weddings Dubai ~ The Arabian Tale Karishma and Satpreet

The Arabian Tale Karishma and Satpreet

by Mili Ghosh

Wedding photographer extraordinaire Milli Ghosh shares the beautifully captured memories of the last wedding of the season she photographed in Dubai.

Karishma and Satpreet’s wedding in Dubai was a blast before we wrapped up the last wedding season. The events were planned by my favorite wedding planner Rimjhim Bhagchandani and coordinated to perfection with every little detail thought of and executed. I started discussing the shoot plan with Karishma months before the wedding and we carved out time for a sunset shoot in the dunes- something that puts all the events and festivities in perspective.


The festivities started with a very intimate yet vibrant Mehndi at Karishma’s villa where close friends and family mingled and danced into the wee hours. The second event was the masquerade theme Sangeet at the Majlis Al Mina in Mina A’Salam hotel. A huge masquerade backdrop with ethnic decor set the stage for performances by friends and family followed by a dance floor oozing energy and fun. Again, Rimjhim aunty perfected the ambiance.



The Wedding started off with Satpreet’s baraat at Al Qasr at Madinat Jumeirah with Karishma arriving in an abra (traditional Arabic boat) from her room to the mandap. Perfect co-ordination of Karishma’s outfit with the decor, which had a mix of white and mustard. 1000 balloons were released as Karishma got off the abra. A beautiful twilight wedding ceremony followed Karishma’s arrival.



The Reception was held the day after at the grand Johara ballroom and had a Gatsby theme. Vintage typewriter for guests to type in their wishes to the newly weds, a huge Gatsby backdrop for the photo-booth, and a stage elegantly displaying Karishma and Satpreet’s wedding logo. DJ Sash kept the guests dancing to some groovy numbers and remix songs.



After four days of hectic fun, I am not sure how Karishma and Satpreet found the energy to meet us at the Bab Al Sham’s resort for a twilight photo-shoot in the dunes. The resort lent a very oasis-like feel and it was fun shooting in the narrow alleys and sunlit terraces. I could not wait to shoot Karishma’s reception outfit against the neutral colors of the sand dunes. The lighting was perfect, and we clicked away as the sun set in the distant horizon.


Event Planning: Rimjhim Bhagchandni
Hair & Make up: Preeti Chotai
Bridal Couture: Rabani & Rakha

Photography & Cinematography- Mili Ghosh (Memories In Motion)



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